Dj Marshmello Masks

Marshmello Mask

Discover an exceptional range of LED marshmello masks in our online shop. Exclusive, we have reproduced the famous light up marshmello mask belonging to a mysterious DJ named Chris Comstock.

The DJ marshmello mask

Chris Comstock is the man behind the Marshemllo Mask, he made it so famous that the marshmello light up mask can be found in video games such as Fortnite. Indeed, if you have the opportunity to play Fortnite, you will undoubtedly come across a player wearing the Fortnite marshmello mask. It has become one of the most popular costumes among teenagers due to the mystery hidden behind this white mask.

Our marshmello face mask

Of course, we haven't forgotten you to celebrate the annual purge, the led marshmello mask is part of the panoply of essentials to purge successfully during these next 12 long hours. Find on our online shop the marshmello mask for sale at exceptional prices especially for your pleasure of purging during the night. You will be able to dance in the streets on a night of purging or a Halloween night with the marshmello mask light up !

Our marshmello mask led

Trust us, the marshmello mask plastic is made of a premium material that will not let the blows damage it, we have also installed high quality AA batteries so that your marshmello mask can last all night long without breakdown. We offer different types of masks below :

  • Halloween marshmello mask
  • Kids marshmello mask
  • Marshmello mom mask
  • Marshmello full mask
  • marshmello mask with lights
  • DJ marshmello led mask

You now have a whole range of choices to party behind the decks or during a long and gruesome night of American purge !

The marshmello mask for kids

Of course, we haven't forgotten your children, they too have the right to a marshmello kids mask to spend a pleasant festive moment in your company. We have designed a long range of marshmello masks with all the possible LED colours that light up, blue, red, yellow, orange, pink, purple, green, etc...