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The United States, a resurrected nation…
The unemployment rate is 1%,
Crime is at an all-time low,
Because one night a year,

Uncle Sam needs you to protect him during tonight’s purge. Find on our online store all the necessary equipment to accomplish this purge in an anonymous way and pour your hatred into it. Order our purge masks and have them delivered to your home entirely at Uncle Sam’s expense (free shipping).

LED (light up), Halloween, God, Kiss Me, Election Year or skull and crossbones style ? We offer you a wide choice of products and masks for your greatest pleasure tonight. Purging is a good thing, and everything will be fine as usual. Choose your camp for the next 12 hours, stay in your house or be part of the purge.

We ship our products in America and all over the world for free. Our shop has 100% secure and SSL encrypted payment methods. In case of non-receipt of your package, we give you the guarantee to reimburse you completely and entirely at our expense.


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Welcome to ! Our mission for this upcoming purge is to provide you with all the accessories you need to make sure you have a safe and secure night! Our prices defy all competition while having an optimal quality for the most adequate protection and anonymity possible. The LED mask is the favorite accessory of our traps because of their prestige and their exceptional beauty. Shine brightly at night with the latest generation of neon light up designed to give you a unique and modern look.

Our masks can be worn during all kinds of events, not only for Halloween parties but also for birthday parties or other types of events such as high school parties. Our led purge mask are equipped with high quality internal batteries (aa batteries) that can be quickly charged and last all night without discharging. Add to cart our masks in batch promotions to let all your friends and family enjoy this exceptional purge and receive a voucher of -50% discount by contacting our customer support !

You are probably wondering how our LED purge mask works ?

Discover our light up purge mask on our online shop 🚨

Manufactured with AA batteries, for optimal duration and rechargeable, these masks will help you to hold all night long in the soft light produced by the neon lights of your accessory.

The LED lamps inlaid over the face of the mask are designed to make your evenings scary, like Halloween for example ! Other times used as a Halloween mask or as a Halloween costume, make this day of the dead an unforgettable day for you and your loved ones.

Choose your favorite mask and light up on with its beautiful LED lights in the color you have chosen with great care.

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What’s a purge god mask ?

Spend a long night that will remain engraved in your memory with our purge god mask !

As everyone knows by now, the purge lasts 12 long hours of fun during which you can do whatever you want ! Sow chaos in your town and show your unwanted friends how beastly and violent you can be behind your purge god mask. Make your streets cleaner by applying the proper cleaning like you’ve always dreamed of.

Anyone who has killed a citizen of his own village is allowed to leave the body on the ground. A specialized cleaning company will clean the inanimate bodies on the floor. This company is paid by the city to subcontract this dirty work that will waste your time unnecessarily. When does it work ? Just after the 12-hour purge, she’s in charge of making your city look brand new again.

The god masks come from the film The Anarchy Purge, a masterpiece that has made such a strong impression that you’ll want to see it again ! We’ve produced an identical replica of the purge mask exclusively for your face. Made of plastic and cream-coloured, your look will be perfectly identical to the costume seen in the film, representing the God of Anarchy. Shown with a shadow and a faded lipstick along the mouth for a terrifying night! Let it be known that you are the god of purging and that everyone must submit to you or they will receive a severe punishment that they will not soon forget for tonight ! 👼

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Did you love Kimmy from The Election Year ? Then you should love the Kiss Me Purge Mask !

Celebrate purging with this terrifying Kiss Me Purge Mask ! You’ll look sexy and awful as you celebrate the upcoming election year of the United States, Free Nation. A little message will be written on your forehead, encouraging people to come and kiss your horrible mask with “kiss me” written on it. This mask belongs to little Kimmy, who once wanted to steal candy from a supermarket before being caught red-handed, hence her dark and eternal revenge on the owner of this shop. 💋

Turn this mask into a Halloween costume to celebrate the Day of the Dead with dignity and steal candy without being punished like Kimmy… trick or treat !

Put the Kiss Me Purge Mask on your face and instantly turn into Kimmy and complete her revenge for the candy! The next election year kiss will make you the successor to this dangerous young lady. Made of high quality plastic, this accessory is a perfect replica of the movie The Purge The Election Year. Show your sharp teeth to the people you don’t like so they won’t cross your path again! A true iconic movie mask, you’ll be able to complete your annual purge kiss as it should be.

The word Kiss Me on the top of the mask was written with the blood of the eternal hatred of the real Kimmy. All you will have to do is find a suitable costume to go with this mask, so we recommend a white corset and a tutu to accompany a demonic style during these 12 hours of infernal purging !


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lady liberty the purge election year

The Purge Election Year Mask is here, and it’s almost election time… choose which president you will represent.

The purge election year mask is here, and it’s almost election time… choose which president you will represent.

You, too, have your own right to purge tonight, celebrate your favourite president and honour him with dignity to represent united states.

Choose your side, Abraham Lincoln, Uncle Sam or the Lady Liberty ?
Are you a woman who wants to serve for freedom and would like to bring justice to your country ? Choose The Liberty Purge Mask. You want to purge for the citizens of America ? Choose Abe Lincoln Purge Mask. Are you a purist of your nation and you want to honor it through the night? Go for Uncle Sam.

Lady Liberty’s scary green mask is very fearsome, representing the Statue of Liberty with eyes and a sewn mouth. You will most certainly be the woman of the year on election night. Shine in the night with the green threads that will light up the blood smeared on your face mask. The bloody crown will add the final touch to your iconic purge girl charm. 🗽

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