Kiss Me Purge Masks

kiss me purge mask

You fell in love with Kimmy's mask in the movie The Purge 3 Election Year ? Our online shop offers you a wide collection of purge mask kiss me outfit that are perfect replicas of the movie.

Our purge mask kiss me outfit

Everyone was marked by Kimmy's revenge against the owner of that famous mini-mart, for... candy ! You too can help Kimmy get her revenge by putting a kiss me girl purge mask on your face so you can be a bad girl. We have specially reproduced the kiss me purge mask movie that you saw in The Purge Election Year to be as terrifying and sexy as possible.

The purge mask girl kiss me

Many people wonder who's behind the purge election year girl with kiss me mask. Kimmy is the name of the girl who is hungry for revenge and candy, accompanied by her gang of friends and her car decorated with Christmas garland, she purges only for candy. Find on our online shop a collection of kiss me purge mask cheap of an authentic quality. Our masks can be used for any occasion, Halloween or any other party. We have designed them in different colors, white, red, etc... there will be something for everyone tonight, like the candy girl.

Our kiss me purge mask costume

You will find the widest range of products related to The Purge 3 movie on our online store to help you fulfill your darkest desires for the next 12 hours. The Purge 3 kiss me mask is one of the must-have costumes to celebrate the annual purge of the new founding fathers :

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If you are still hesitating to buy a kiss me purge mask in our online store, please note that these are collector's items, rare and unique with few copies in stock. Make your choice before another purger does it for you to celebrate the annual purge.

Our purge election year kiss me mask girl

Made of plastic, with long sharp teeth and a "kiss me" written in lipstick on the forehead of this mask, we can feel a great vengeance emanating from this dreadful white mask belonging to Kimmy. You will be spoilt for choice with all our masks dedicated to the universe of The Purge 3, our shop is specialized in all the Hollywood costume replicas such as the kiss me purge mask.