Purge Halloween Skull Masks

Halloween Skull Mask

Spend a terrifying Halloween with your loved ones and our Halloween skull mask. Frighten your friends by making them believe that the dead have come back to life ! Our range of skull mask Halloween costume that are on our online shop can be illuminated with LED lights of all colors.

Our scary halloween skull mask

Our online shop offers you a wide range of Halloween led skull mask that light up in the dark to scare your friends with a terrifying color straight from the bowels of hell. Put the half skull mask Halloween on the front of your face to make sure you look like a figure of death that has just been resurrected from a graveyard for one Halloween night only !

Our LED skull mask that light up

The purge Halloween light up skull mask have a battery that works with AA batteries. The whole is connected to neon lights that allow the diffusion of a soft glow that illuminates the skull mask. You can find various colors in our online store to allow you a wide choice :

  • Red skull mask LED
  • Blue skull mask LED
  • Green skull mask LED
  • Pink skull mask LED
  • Purple skull mask LED
  • Orange skull mask LED

With all this wide range of products specially designed for Halloween, you will finally be able to choose the right Halloween mask skull to match the colour of tonight's purge !