Purge Mask

Our online shop gathers all the purge masks that are a perfect replica of The Purge movies. What could be more terrifying than those masks you saw on the screen during the annual purge in America? A true masterpiece of Hollywood cinema where only murder is legal for 12 hours. The purge mask has been made very famous by our screens and social networks. Find on this online store all styles of masks, LED, Skull, Election Year, Kiss Me, Halloween,…

Our led purge mask

The purge mask led is the most fashionable at the moment, you have certainly seen it on social networks or on a Halloween night, this mask is very fashionable every year. Order from us the purge mask led in store to get a perfect authenticity compared to the movie The Purge. Use this mask for all kinds of events with family or friends, the halloween led purge mask is perfect to celebrate the day of the dead on October 31st! Red, blue, green, purple, pink, orange, yellow, the led light up purge mask will light up in all possible colors with 3 different modes. The purge light up mask will accompany you all along this long annual night so kindly offered by the new founding fathers. With the purge light up mask costume, you will have the opportunity to choose three speed modes for the lamps, slow, medium or fast. Its battery made up of AA batteries will allow you to hold all night long without worries of breakdown.

Our purge Halloween mask

You dare not use our masks for the annual American purge ? Don’t worry, you can perfectly use them for Halloween and pay a last tribute to the dead. The Halloween LED purge mask has several colors that can be illuminated in the one you choose and in the flashing mode you want among our 3 modes connected to the battery. Be terrifying when you walk out of the house with our purge mask Halloween costume, Be terrifying when you leave your home with our Halloween costume purge mask, surprise your loved ones with the LED system that will light up your terrifying costume throughout this unforgettable evening. Our online store offers masks for all tastes and for all genders, whether you are a man or a woman, we also have a girl purge Halloween mask to seduce other terrifying person you will meet.You will have understood it, the purge Halloween costume light up mask is a must if you want to celebrate October 31st with respect and dignity for the day of the dead.

The kiss me purge mask

You will undoubtedly have noticed this famous purge mask kiss me outfit in the third movie entitled “The Purge Election Year”. This mask belongs to Kimmy, a young schoolgirl who came with her friend to a convenience store in the hope of stealing candy. The purge mask girl kiss me was made famous to me after this theft which was a failure, making Kimmy furious towards the owner of the store. Help Kimmy spread her vengeance on your streets during this annual purge with her the purge mask girl kiss me on your face. Kimmy’s costume is terrifying, made of a white face with long sharp teeth, with “kiss me” written in lipstick on the forehead of the mask, the kiss me purge mask costume made a big impression during this famous scene from the movie The Purge 3. What about you ? Are you going to avenge Kimmy by going to steal as many treats as possible from the mini-markets during these 12 hours of purge ? The purge election year kiss me mask girl is one of the unavoidable part of all these costumes seen in this third part.

Our purge god mask

The purge god mask outfit comes from the second movie The Purge Anarchy, it was seen on the face of a young teenager wanting to purge to nourish his darkest desires during this annual purge. Find on our online store all our new collection of the purge Anarchy mask god to spend the scariest Halloween night you will ever spend in your life ! Now, we have put on sale these famous replicas from the movie The Purge 2, the purge god mask for sale is on limited promotion limited to -50% to allow you to enjoy more easily and let your friends enjoy this terrifying costume which wears an upside down cross on its white forehead. Alluding to a demon, the purge Anarchy god mask gives a cold and dark look, all you need to spend a long night of purging in the company of your friends. Become the new God of Purging and leader of the demons after putting this god mask purge Anarchy on your precious and so harmless face. Call upon the dark army of the young delinquents of the slums with the mask god the purge.

Our purge election year mask

Everybody has seen it, The Purge Election Year is the third film to be released and a real hit in the cinema! Find on our online shop the purge election year mask for sale in exclusive promotion of -50%.We have the masks of Abe Lincoln, Lady Liberty, Uncle Sam or the Candy girl kiss me as well as all the other American presidents who will be running in the election year. What do you have? What’s your favorite costume from The Purge 3 movie ? The purge election year statue of liberty mask is usually the favorite costume of young women with murderous impulses on that long night of purge.Team up with all your friends and go purge your country with our brand new purge election year black mask which is now available in our online store. Celebrate Halloween or any other holiday with our mask the purge election year which are fully adaptable to all festive events.

The light up purge mask For a successful party !

We also have a whole other range of the purge light up mask associated with the purge film in order to give you the widest possible choice:

  • Neon purge mask
  • White purge mask
  • Glow in the dark purge mask
  • Liberty purge mask
  • Purge anarchy mask
  • Red purge mask

As you can see, our online store offers you a large collection of choices in the purge theme to celebrate it with great dignity. Find the one that suits you in this wide range and put it over your suit to spread terror in your neighborhood.